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Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Kamikaze Karaoke
Attention Karaoke singers, Every first Saturday of the month will be "Kamikaze Karaoke"! at 7PM! It will cost $5.00 to play, and the rules will be explained at the contest! It's fun!
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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It's election time again. Our Lodge has been doing very well thanks in large part to our past Board of Officers. Our bylaws require that we change up some of our Leadership each year. Lodge elections are right around the corner. If you are interested in becoming a Lodge Officer, the sign up sheet is in the Social Quarters.. Please see me or one of the other current Officers, if you would like to know more about being a board member.
As always, we need more volunteers. We are getting ready to start up our Broasted Chicken Dinners again, but need more help for that crew. The volunteer sign-up sheet is posted in the Social Quarters above the ATM machine.
Please remember that discussions about business and politics are not appropriate in the Social Quarters. It has been an interesting year to say the least, but I am getting more complaints about this. Please keep the Lodge a fun place, and set your political opinions aside.
Don't forget about the first responder membership promotion. Police, Fire, EMT's and Active Duty Military can join for free until April 1st.
Fraternally, Dave Jonason, Administrator
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